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in florida. >> very humble folks. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a gre during a block party of teens and young adults. police say they have the person
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of interest in custody. those stories and much more coming up today. news time 4:30 and we have two big stories right here in our area. one is the heat and the water main break that happened in downtown baltimore. >> we will check in with lynette to see how things are going but first a time-lapse of the video from the inner harbor. you have to check this out. look closey as you see the time goes on -- closely, as you see the time going on that's the gunk filling the harbor. this is near light and lombard street. we will check with linda so late her on this morning. we will have live reports and what you need to know getting around there because track will be a big deal today. >> all right. let's check in with lauren to see how it's moving right now. >> well, the water main break is causing make probable -- mainly problems. and this is -- major problems. and this is the scene yesterday. water gushing over light and pratt streets and continues to shut down light closed between fayette and lombard street.
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lombard shut down between calvert and light street. drivers want to stick with mass transit or martin luther king boulevard or franklin street. traveling the main lines, better news. 95 at 395, you will notice there's nothing to get in your way. it will be a nice easy ride heading into the city. and if you are heading to fort mchenry 8 minutes from the beltway to the toll plaza. no problems if we pull up other drive times. no problems using the beltway this morning. west side nice and clear from 795 down towards 95 that takes you 11 minutes and if you are using the jfx to get into city 11 minutes as well from the beltway to fayette street. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic and here's lynette charles with the forecast. >> good morning. let's check out what's going on in terms of temperatures. we have a very hot day that's going to be brewing for us going into the afternoon. this morning, we are quite warm. and we are very humid also. temperature in aberdeen coming
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in around 74 degrees. 73 in owings mills and pylesville around 69. you can see the humidity at 77% and 88%. the dew points are in the 70s once again. now maryland's most powerful radar is nice and dry. all five sweeps are on. we will say dry throughout the day today and an isolated storm is possible and this heat and humidity it will be isolate 234- d nature. another thing we are talking about, we have reduced visibility in some places. a little patchy fog. 8 miles of reduced viability in york. 7 in culpepper and going through the morning we will keep you updated on the situation. >> thanks so much. when it gets hot and you heard her say it's going to, we want to help keep you safe. there are things you may not know about. head to and we have a hot weather guide to check out right there on the website. it's one of the busiest bridge crossings in the united states and canada. and this morning it's finally
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back open. the ambassador bridge was shut down for hours after a bomb threat. the bridge between detroit and windsor ontario closed after police say a 911 call came in reporting a bomb on the u.s. side of the bridge. last week a sim similar threat was-- similar threat was made. there's going to be a press conference about the national search for two missing girls in iowa. it's been three days since the cousins elizabeth collins and lyric cook disappeared. at this point there are few clues to go on about where they could be. they were last seen leaving their grand more's house on a bike ride. >> it's baffling to try to figure out the pieces to the puzzle looking at it and it doesn't make sense. >> crews drained a lake near where they were last seen where the bikes were found. the process could take a couple days. last night the coast guard suspended the search for a missing boater. sunday night they got a call two men were struggling in the
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water near park beach drive in harford county around the same time strong storms came into the area. one man-made it to shore but another remains missing this morning. all right. the orioles loss to the twins a disappointment is a understatement. the phenyl score, 19 -- final score, 19-7. twins were on fire in the bottom of the first they scored 7 runs. by the bottom of the 8th, it was 18-5. and they play again tonight at 8 in minnesota. better news for ravens fans, runningback ray rice signed a five-year deal with the team worth $40 million. the ravens worked up until the last-minute yesterday to hammer out phenyl details. rice is the-- final details. rice is the highest paid runningback in the nfl. with the hot temperatures and lack of rain, homeowners are struggling to get the grass healthy and clean. >> however, this morning, what
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some people are doing to make their lawns look so green. >> also a sheriff in arizona wants to challenge president obama. what he is claiming on the president and what he plans to release later today. >> reporter: everything is up to speed on 895 at o'donnell street but we have a water main break that affects traffic in downtown baltimore. this is the inner harbor at the aftermath. we are following the story and i will let you know how the water main breaks will affect the morning commute coming up on good morning maryland. wççñçñ
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. 4:38 not since the 1950s has the u.s. seen the drought this bad. a report says 55 perof the country is in a moderate drought. illinois governor is holding a public meeting talking about the plans to address the problem. everything from crops and lawns are going from green to brown.
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>> torture on the lawn because you know you -- unless you water constantly, it's dying in front of us. >> national climate data says that june was the third driest month nationally in the past century. that's an amazing statistic considering how hot things have been. >> we have noticed it with our lawn and everything else. but it's kind of a danger with so many people building campfires. >> exactly. you don't want to do that. but the drought is going to get worst. we are talking about the time of the year which we have a high sun angle and as we look around the nation, we see sporadic showers and we need the good soaking rain and we are going into a dry pattern and we are going to be going into another hot pattern. that's what we are talking about today, the hot weather. let's show you what's going on looking at satellite and radar. around the nation, you can see a few scattered showers in certain spots. we need more rain to come in here. we are in a big deficit and we are going into another dry pattern for today.
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not forecasting rain. of course the isolated shower could pop up in the forecast but for the most part, we will be dry and very hot. humidity taking over too as we go through the morning and the afternoon and this will stay with us as we go into thursday. but for right now, that temperature in miller villes at 72 and 75 right now in shadyside. i will talk about how hot it will get and feel for today. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. a water main break that burst yesterday in downtown baltimore is causing headaches for drivers this morning. do watch out because lanes will be shut down between fayette and lombard street lombard closed between calvert and light street. traveling in the area, stick with martin luther king junior boulevard or franklin street. drivers are encouraged to use mass transit. linda so will bring you a live report in a few minutes with the progress they are making. no problems to report traveling through the fort mchenry or
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harbor tunnel. here's live look at 95 in white marsh. everything is clear and traveling southbound into the city here at route 43. the as far as the beltway parkville at harford road an 11 minute ride on outer loop from 95 up towards 8 3. and the west side going to be nice and clear from 795 down towards 95. and that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. a small plane crashes in montgomery county and investigators are trying to figure out how it happened. >> coming up, what happened leading up to the moments before the plane went down and the conditions to those on board. >> she is 15 years old but she can get into any bar she wants all thanks to her driver's license. how in the world did this happen? >> as we go to break, a live look downtown at baltimore. expect delays throughout the day. cleanup this is a live shot the water main break during rush hour at five. what to expect on your morning when "good morning maryland" continues. ñ'
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news time 4:43 and five things to know on this tuesday. three more men have come forward acuing jerry sandusky of sexually abusing them. the new accusers say they were molested in the 70s and 80s. last month jerry sandusky was found guilty on 45 counts of sexual abuse. several supporters of mitt rom no attend fund raisers around the country on his behalf. new jersey coverageor christie is one of them will be in an event if at lantan jeb bush is appearing -- atlanta, and jeb bush is appearing in indiana. the annual firehouse expo celebrates event organizers are lighting up downtown landmarks in red honoring the firefighters service. the expo expected to run through saturday. governor o'malley is addressing small business owners at a web training forum hosted by google and intuit. the sighous rocket is expected to dock with the
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international -- soyuz rocket is expected to dock with the international space station. the crew members will join the stationed group in the iss. >> we have a lot to talk about as far as the weather goes. because it's going to be hot but the traffic has so many delays. >> reporter: yesterday's water main breaks are causing major problems in downtown baltimore. so if you heading down to the inner harbor light street will be closed at fayette. lombard shut down at calvert street and downtown baltimore looked more like a river yesterday. and it's still pretty bad this morning. so stick with franklin street and mlk as an alternate and motorists enconcerned to use mass transit. we will be following all of the delays all morning long. >> thanks a lot. as for weather, things are pretty bad out there as well. yesterday it was really painful out there. with humidity. >> if you thought yesterday he it was painful more of the same temperatures will be hotter. no rainfall that i will be talking about. maybe an isolated shower. as he we look at maryland's most powerful radar, we are
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nice and dry. all five sweeps are on and we do need rainfall. temperatures coming in basically in the 70s all across the board here. look at thomas point coming in at 80. temperatures will soar to the upper 90s. i will detail that coming up. now back to megan and charley. >> -- go if you are -- if you are traveling around downtown avoid some streets. >> linda so is out there live and you know this really could not have happened at a worst time for drivers yesterday. >> reporter: yeah it happened during the evening rush and the repairs are going on this morning. we are here at the corner of redwood and light street. the public worker over there. what they were doing a couple minutes ago pumping water out of the hole so they could get to the main. this happened and you can see the water going there right now. this break happened deep so what they are trying to do is get all the water out to get to the bottom to see what actually caused this main to break.
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now, if your commute takes you through this part of downtown, you will see major delays even this morning. transportation officials say if you can avoid the area altogether or just use mass transit. this 20 inch water main break made a mess of the evening commute last night. water was running for hours until the main could be shut off. than you can see pieces of the road had buckled from the pressure below. repairs are expected to take several days and could be complicated because of underground utility lines. we are told that water in this block has been shut off as they make repairs. they will be here for several days. one thing to keep in mind today, just because they have the water shut off, it doesn't mean the commute is going to be okay. they have still major roads blocked off so again transportation officials are asking if you can, avoid the area altogether or take mass transit. meanwhile public works crews will remain on scene to get to the bottom of this. and to figure out what actually caused this main to break. live downtown, linda so, abc2
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news. it's going to be a busy morning. we are getting new information and reaction after a deadly plane crash in montgomery county. we will show you where it was around 7:30 last night near the davis airport on poke andas road -- poke honous road. -- poke honas. >> the plane crashed into a wood area on the edge of the airport and a mechanic says the pilot who died was his friend and he says he was experienced. one woman says that he came close to hitting her home. >> they approached the two gentlemen ones would moving and not coherent and the other was just there. >> heard like a rumble you know, and i felt the earth shake like a small quake you know. >> we don't note name of the pilot or passenger as of right now. the faa is expected to be back out on the scene investigating. there's new information about the baltimore county
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police officer who shot and killed a man. they say he had a sword. he shot ronald cox while he he was served a warrant. he is on rue -- the officer is on routine administratively leave. bge will charge some of you who lost your power. they plan to collect as much as 600,000 dollars. the bill stablation adjustment is what it's called and it allows them to charge customers whether they have power or not. but only with the first 24 hours period of that outage. so if customers went without power longer than a day, they are not going to be charged. representatives from bge say the fee will be less than 50 cents per customer. a sheriff in arizona is holding a news conference talking about the ongoing debate of the president and the birth certificate. he is expected to reveal what he says is the result of a cold case posse supposedly finding
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barack obama's birth certificate and eligibility to become president. he has long believed the birth certificate was a forgery. a 15-year-old in washington state has criefer's permit -- driver's permit that can get her into any bar cement was given the license legal -- bar. she was given the license legally. she was born in 1991 making her 21. she says she thought it was cool at first and her classmates acted like she won the lottery but she says she would never use this to drink. >> i am a cheerleader and i have to stay clean and be a good role model to everyone else. >> the department of licensing says the problem will be fixed and they are going to fix it for free. this is not what you spec to find in your snack when you fly first or business class. passengers and crew found 6 needles hidden in the sandwiches they served on four different delta flights. needles. a father and his teenage son
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were on separate flights and both had minor injuries. all four flights originated in amsterdam and bound for different american cities. the airline is investigating. needles. >> needle. that is so hard to believe. >> you fly lynette so i mean, needles. >> i am not eating anymore. >> pack your snack. >> exactly. all right. let's talk about what's going on for today. you will need something cool that's going to be a school snack as you head out and b we are dealing with temperaturesthat are going to be hot. we felt it yesterday and will be hotter today. the good news is the humidity is still going to be humid out there but it's not going to soar. i will explain that in a second. but right now let's get look at the temperatures. as you step out the door you are going to be feeling it. 76 right now. look at dc. 81 degrees. 72 in hagerstown and wind chester around 70. so look at the moisture content. it's up there this morning and will drop a little bit. that 71 will feel more like about 68, 65 as we go into the
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afternoon. so we are going to feel it. but it's not going to be as bad. you see my air quotes right there. relative everything is relative but again we are going to be dealing with the humidity out there. that's the bottom line. satellite and radar looks like clouds coming in right now. but we will have the sun cloud mix going throughout the day just like we have been. high pressure in control of our weather. and with this, we are going to get the heat and humidity pumped in from the gulf of mexico and we have a cold front slicing through the area looking ahead to wednesday. and also thursday. that cold front slides through and with that that's when we will have a chance for few gusty storms as we go through the next couple days. future trend not picking up on a lot for today but mainly heat and humidity and we can see the temperature coming in around 98 and that 7-day forecast if you like the cooler temperatures, well, we trend cooler as we head to the end of the week into the weekend. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. yesterday's water main break on light street in downtown
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baltimore causes major problems. light street remains shut down between fayette and lombard street. now, calvert street or lombard street is closed between calvert and light street. you are looking live look at the inner harbor and notice activity and repairs won't be for at least a couple days. in the meantime, use mass transit or you can take martin luther king junior boulevard or franklin street as an alternate. checking in a looking at the main lines as far as the roads are concerned here's what the harrisburg expressway looks like. no problems in hunt valley and it is clear. 11 minutes to travel from the beltway all the way downtown. 695, nice and clear and west side looking at an 11 minute ride from 795 toward 95. and no concerns on the outer loop from 95 up to 83. that stretch will take you 11 minutes. megan and charley over to you a ground breaking ceremony happening today the start of construction for three new buildings within the metro center at owings mills station. plans include office space
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andretail space and 1700 residential units. the construction has started on the new branchs for the public library and the community college of baltimore. news time 4:53. around the world tornadoes left one person dead and ten injured in poland. the twisters at the national park and a tourist site. power lines were downed androads closed as hundreds of firefighters worked to clear away the fallen trees. some trains had to have detours placed in after debris had fallen on the trucks. athletes are heading to london ahead of the summer olympic games. the team boarded a flight inbeijing and north koreans have not announced when they will arrive. north korean women's soccer team which will compete in the olympics left on saturday. there's a battle between conservationist and australian government over how to protect great white sharks. we told you about this yesterday. the great white killed a surfer last week making it the 5th deadly attack in less than a year. some say the government
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